Elevate Your Perspective

A few things we’re great at

At Monumental Drones, we offer comprehensive aerial photography and videography solutions tailored for clients big and small across various industries. Our services include:

Real Estate

Showcase properties from captivating aerial perspectives, highlighting features and landscapes to attract potential buyers and investors.

Construction Progress and site work

Document construction projects with regular aerial updates, providing stakeholders with clear insights into progress, logistics, and safety compliance.

Advertising and Marketing

Elevate brand visibility with dynamic aerial imagery for advertising campaigns, product launches, and promotional materials that stand out in the market.

Event Coverage

Capture memorable moments from corporate events, weddings, festivals, and concerts with aerial photography and videography for comprehensive coverage and lasting memories.

Tourism Promotion

Capture stunning aerial views of tourist destinations, attractions, and events to create immersive marketing materials that inspire visitors and drive engagement.

Mapping and surveying

Utilize drone technology for precise aerial surveys, mapping, and inspection services for infrastructure, land development, and environmental assessments.


We offer a range of pricing options to give you the perfect fit for whatever your project requires.

hourly rate

$200 per hour on site for both photo and video

Additional pricing available for editing

Half day rate

$700 for a half day on site including both photo and video

Additional pricing available for editing

full day rate

$1200 for a full day on site including both photo and video. $1000 per additional day

Additional pricing available for editing